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About Us

 Our Brand

‘Our vision extends beyond the product, we don’t just sell health food we sell a healthy way of life.’

At the heart of it all, are the creators and pioneers of Nuts About Life, brother sister duo Emma and Saeed Sidaoui.
Since following in their father’s footsteps within the food industry, Emma and Saeed transformed their vision into Australia’s leading online health food and lifestyle brands.
Everyday new orders are shipped out right across Australia, full of the finest quality and freshest ingredients available, which have set the bar high when it comes to both flavour and taste.

However, what makes Nuts About Life truly unique is that Emma and Saeed have created a new way for Aussie’s to approach food and a way of living.
What started as a passion to deliver healthy food ingredients at low wholesale prices, without having to compromise on taste and flavour, has given rise to a complete and simple approach to overall wellbeing and mindfulness - the Nuts About Life philosophy.

Healthy living transcends the walls of the company, and is the central part of their customer’s lives.

This ever-growing global movement inspires both men and women right across Australia to live and feel their best through a healthy and well -balanced lifestyle.

What some people don’t know is that the star within the Nuts About Life logo represents each and every customer and the daily practice to live each day to its greatest potential.

Nuts About Life is proudly 100% Australian owned and employs over 40 people across the board, supporting a range of Australian charities, food networks and a ­­healthy global movement.