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Yummy Zaatar Bread!

Hello gorgeous readers!

First off let me apologize for being a little slack on the blogging, I promise we have been busy working very hard for you guys!

Secondly I hope you've had an incrdible Christmas & New Years Break! One of love, memories, kindness and a little indulgence! I didn't have a chance to get away however I stayed in Melbourne and was blessed with some gorgeous weather! Some great 'me-time' is always neglected during the year so it was nice to give myself a break to just chill-out. Of course I found myself in the office over the break as well preparing and sending out yummy orders all over Australia! It makes me so happy to see everyone keeping their healthy eating routine even while on holidays! 

Over my break I got to thinking, I may be blessed with all this time, but how about those that perhaps don't have the time to prepare something healthy and yummy to snack on? It got me thinking... Did you know (funnily enough this statistic is from the EMMA report) that 81% of Australians are more likely to eat out of home each month! Crazy numbers, is this because it takes too long to cook at home? Perhaps there's just nothing convenient enough, making eating out the better option? 

As a result I think it's time we made something a little more convenient for those on a strict schedule who don't want to break both their budgets of their diets!

*Drum Roll*

Today we are cooking the famous Lebanese Zaatar Bread! 

This baby is SO EASY! You'll be done in a heartbeat wondering why you haven't tried it earlier!

Without further ado let's begin!

What you'll need from us! 

- Some gorgeous Dukkah mix, (approx 100g per person)

- Salt (Any salt will do but our Sea Salt Flakes are a personal favourite) 

What you'll need from any quality supermarket! 

- Some lovely looking pre-cooked flat bread (any variation works, whatever tickles your fancy!)

- Oil (any selection works)

And thats everything!

Now time to cook!

1. Begin by preheating your oven to 350 Degrees F/175 Degrees C 

2. Drizzle oil over flat bread (approx one tablespoon per piece, use generously)

3. Sprinkle the Dukkah mix over the bread, be generous here as this will give you that YUMMY FLAVOUR! 

4. Put in oven until a gorgeous brown! Approx. 25 mins

5. Remove from oven and cut into yummy bite sized pieces and ENJOY!

So get creative and say no more to processed snacks and hello to wholesome Zaatar goodness!

From Saeed!