November 03, 2018


Organisation is without a doubt the number one phrase experts say when giving advice on sticking to your food plans.
Planning ahead means you’re less likely to make ‘hangry’ food choices and throw all your hard work out the door when trying to reach your daily goals.

Cooking and preparing your food is different for everyone, planning your meals and proportioning out your food for the week can be a challenge but the beauty of it is, you can tweak it and work it around your lifestyle to suit YOU!

Spend a Sunday afternoon planning your meals for the week – YAS QUEEN!

Do a bulk shop so you’re not running around the supermarket the night before – AH MARZING!

Portion out your proteins and vegies and store them in the fridge to cook the night before – YOU’VE GOT THIS!

Meal prep is the key, but you need to make it work for you and then the rest will fall into place. Don’t waste your time worrying what all the Insta babes are doing, or Wendy from the gym – be consistent and trust the process.

Check out these 3 simple tips to get the most out of your next meal prep!

  1. Plan Ahead

    Write down what you want to eat for the week to hit your daily goals

  2. Bulk Buy

    Head to the supermarket (or your favourite online mega store Nuts About Life) and select the ingredients you need to complete your meal prep. Write a shopping list and make sure you won’t run out of the things you need for the week

  3. Cook and store your food accordingly

    There’s no point cooking all your vegies on Sunday. Portion them out in one go but cook them when needed. Nobody wants a wilted stem of broccoli or a rubber tasting chicken strip at the end of the week.