September 17, 2017

Small Axe Kitchen

Small Axe Kitchen pushes the traditional roots of Brunswick into a modern day dining experience by offering an enjoyable Sicilian influenced menu.

Owner Adam Pruckner, who has grown up and worked within the neighbourhood most of his life, has a connection to the old school soul that still lives and breathes the walls of Sydney Road. ‘I love the fact there’s still the roots here, there’s still that old school Brunswick that’s still around’.

Small Axe Kitchen, founded with the help of his wife, Kristy Tate and an old friend Jas Singh have created a homey, new age café that still correlates to the traditional vibes of Brunswick, upholding that soulful vibe through its interiors, menu and atmosphere.

With its open-aired dining space, glassed- in espresso bar, communal outdoor tables and staff that you would call family has been described as ‘modern industrial meets Bar Idda’.

The menu ties in perfectly with its surroundings offering a heart-warming breakfast pasta that enriches the traditional tastes and flavours of what you imagine Nonna would make, a popular dish amongst the locals.
The grilled brioche dish comes directly from Pruckner’s visits to Italy, accompanied with a twist of blood-orange jelly, coffee mouse and almond praline.

Small Axe Kitchen offers a variety of vegan, vegetarian and gluten free options and upholds the crown of great coffee in Melbourne with its seasonal blend from Code Black.

Saeed and Emma Love:
The Avocado smash topped with heirloom tomatoes, fior di latte, pumpkin seeds and fresh pomegranate seeds served on organic toast.
We also like to add two poached eggs… we’re from Melbourne of course!

Small Axe Kitchen:
281 Victoria St, Brunswick VIC 3056
Monday – Friday: 7am-4pm
Saturday – Sunday: 8am-5pm