January 29, 2018

Instagram has been blamed for playing a negative role towards young women when it comes to body image, yet collage artist Sara Shakeel has been working to change the way we perceive particular images during our daily scroll and the results are beautiful!

Known to create alternate realities by superimposing different images and photos together has lead Sara to transform stretch marks into a powerful series posted on her Instagram page.

Taking what society perceives as "imperfections" and showcasing them beautifully by layering images of gold glitter and shiny crystals has turned these images into actual, flawless art.

"I still remember that feeling of making those glitter stretch marks, and I was quite scared of uploading it," she says. "I am a Pakistani-based artist and talking about stretch marks or even making art out of it is not something you talk about on a regular basis."

Sara has received an incredible response from her followers smashing the barriers of body empowerment and admiring the female form by embracing all “imperfections” and turning them into something that should be celebrated!

And we couldn’t agree more! #EmbraceYourStripes #NutsAboutLife