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Organic Dried Fruits





All about "Organic Dried Fruits"

Not only are we incredibly nuts about organic nuts! We are absolutely crazy about our organic dried fruit range as well.
With a wide variety to choose from, these specialty food products are the perfect healthy alternative to quench those cheeky sugar cravings.
Bursting in flavour and nutrients, organic dried fruits retain many essential vitamins and minerals that contribute to optimizing a healthy lifestyle. Providing an array of health protective bioactive ingredients and antioxidants, which serve to increase diet quality as well as reducing many health risks such as lowering cholesterol levels, which has served in their growing popularity right across Australia!

Organic dried fruit is a fantastic food ingredient that has been used in the kitchen for many years. It is a fantastic addition to delicious baked goods and sweet confections including, freshly made breads, delicious cakes, tarts, pies, slices, fruit and chocolate bars. They are an excellent addition to muesli and trail mixes and taste unbelievable when added into a morning smoothie!
Organic dried fruit is an excellent snack that can be eaten on its own or accompanied by some delicious mixed nuts and seeds, throughout the day.
Our organic dried fruits are incredibly addictive, and oh so delicious! So no matter what choice you make, you definitely won't go wrong.