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Organic Grains & Seeds





All about "Organic Grains & Seeds"

We absolutely love incorporating these yummy and delicious organic grains and seeds into our cooking, and hope you do too! With a wide variety to choose from, there is no denying these will enhance the flavours of any meal.
By offering an array of different textures, complimenting tastes and health promoting benefits have proven to be something we just can’t live without!
Bursting in essential vitamins and minerals has helped raise the popularity of these bad boys right across Australia. They are the perfect addition to yummy wholesome baked breads, breakfast mueslis and granolas, muffins and cakes, fruit and nut bars, smoothies and are an essential ingredient to nutritious trail mixes. They are fantastic, when eaten on their own and also taste great when covered in yummy chocolate!
Organic grains and seeds are a fantastic sustainable energy source that are perfect for snacking on throughout the day and taste even better when combined with your favourite nuts and dried fruits.

No matter how you like to incorporate these organic grains and seeds into your diet we know that they will taste great and leave no room for disappointment!