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All about "Almonds"

Almonds are one of Australia’s most popular tree nuts!

Not only do they taste great, but they also contain many amazing and nutritional health benefits that contribute greatly to your general wellbeing...In fact we are still discovering more and more benefits that these delicious nuts give us everyday. 

Having said so, Almonds have been proven to help lower cholesterol levels and reduce the risk of heart disease! (That is one super nut!)

Almonds can easily be enjoyed on their own, or combined into a yummy trail mix and munched on throughout the day. They are the perfect nutritious snacks that are great for kids lunches and a simple work treat. They can easily be enjoyed in the kitchen too! If you are feeling creative, why not add some almonds into an energy boosting fruit and nut bar, granola, muesli or cake?

They taste great when combined into fresh salads and hearty stir-fries and can easily be incorporated into an array of sweet desserts, from mouth watering pastries, to chocolate treats, biscuits and cookies...oh my!

However way you like to enjoy Almonds we know they will taste great!

Our yummy almonds are 100% Australian grown, helping us support our Aussie farmers as much as possible.