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All about "Bananas"

Dried Bananas are an incredibly satisfying snack that not only maintain the flavors, but also retain the many vitamins and minerals that are found in the raw fruit.

Having said so, Dried Banana are enriched full of vitamin B6, which helps in the synthesis of antibodies in the immune system, serving to increase general health and wellbeing.

Providing a great source of slow burning energy Dried Bananas are a fantastic and nutritious addition to anyone’s diet. 

They can easily be combined into a morning breakfast cereal, muesli or granola due to their complimenting tastes. Easily added into a trail mix or fruit and nut bar that can be eaten throughout the day, or they can be used in delicious baked goods such as fruit beads and cakes. Combined into a delicious fruit smoothie or blended into a satisfying protein shake, even dipped into chocolate for a cheeky, yet satisfying treat.

However way you like to eat Dried Bananas, we know they will do your body good!