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All about "Blueberries"

Dried Blueberries not only offer a delicious and succulent taste, but are also enclosed with many essential vitamins and minerals that are beneficial to living a healthy lifestyle.

Containing high antioxidant levels that contribute greatly to boosting the immune system, gives these babies the honor of being a SUPERFOOD!

Dried Blueberries are an amazing energy booster that taste great when blended into a delicious smoothie or protein shake. They can be used as a yoghurt topper, or mixed into a yummy muesli or granola. They are great when combined into nutritious nut bars, slices or used in tasty baked goods, such as fruit breads, cakes, cookies and tarts.  

However way you like to incorporate Dried Blueberries into your diet, you will definitely feel their delicious antioxidant powers doing you good.