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All about "Macadamias"

We here at Nut About Life are absolutely obsessed with these delicious Maccas as they are undoubtedly a taste sensation!

Being Australia’s only native plant to become an international food, Macadamias have earned their right to become one of the world’s finest nuts. 

Rich in flavor and distinct in their soft creamy texture, Macadamias are undeniably an office favorite.

Our delicious Maccas are a fantastic addition to baked goods and delicious chocolate confections are a great addition to trail mixes and morning breakfast mueslis, they can be easily be tossed into your salad to add some extra crunch or even mixed into an energy boosting smoothie to get you past that 3pm hunger crunch.

Macadamias are a fantastic source of nurturance containing many essential vitamins and minerals that contribute to living a healthy lifestyle.

Eating Macadamias can lower cholesterol and blood pressure making them a delicious healthy alternative to those tempting chocolate bars.