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All about "Apricots"

Dried Apricots, alongside Dried Apples are one of Australia’s most favored fruits as they contain a delicious sweet flavor and aroma. With an addictive taste, Dried Apricots still retain the valuable nutrient contents found in the fresh fruit itself, which contributes greatly to maintaining a healthy and well balanced diet.

Containing high volumes of Calcium, serving to prevent the development of osteoporosis and contributing to the wellbeing of bone and teeth health, makes these babies one delicious treat you can’t pass up.

They are a fantastic snack alternative that can be enjoyed on their own or can easily be added to a delicious fruit and nut mix, for a sustainable energy source to get you through the day.

Dried Apricots are a great addition to a yummy morning muesli mix, granola or trail mix, and are a fantastic choice when they are combined into delicious baked goods, sweets and confections. 

Whether you like to munch on them separately or combine them into a delicious mix, there is no going wrong with these Dried Apricots!