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All about "Organic Nuts"

As you can imagine, we absolutely love our delicious range of 100% certified organic nuts and find it incredibly difficult to choose a favourite, especially with all the different tastes, flavours, textures and aromas each nut has to offer...It’s virtually impossible!
Amazingly, nuts not only taste great but also are extremely healthy and versatile and are considered to be a fundamental part of everyone’s diet, when managing a healthy lifestyle.

Everyday more and more studies are released commending the health benefits that are found in nuts, containing enormous amounts of vitamins and minerals that can help contribute to lowering the risks of heart disease, diabetes and cholesterol, not to mention they are great for weight management! Which have all helped serve in their growing popularity around Australia today.

Organic nuts are a fantastic healthy snack alternative, and are incredibly versatile when used in the kitchen. They taste absolutely sensational when combined into sweets and baked goods, such as freshly baked breads, cakes, biscuits and tarts, including brittle, macaroons, chocolate bars and yummy slices.
Organic nuts are also a great addition to an array of mixed salads and breakfast muesli combinations, and are also a fantastic energy-boosting treat when they are combined into many different trail mixes and nut butters. They taste absolutely delicious when they are blended into yummy fruit smoothies, and taste incredible when sprinkled over roasted vegetables to give them an extra bit of crunch!

However way you like to enjoy these organic nuts, we know they will only taste better, bite after bite!