100% Organic Premium Raw Mixed Nuts - 2kg for $30

We're BACK with another amazing deal! 

Yep that's right - 2kg for $30, THAT'S $15 PER KG!!!

We have sourced and locked in a fresh load of 100% premium organic raw mixed nuts ready for you to enjoy! 

Don't pay upwards of $80 for the same product! 

Packed in a 2kg bag these babies are ready to be enjoyed! 

Comprised of the following raw nuts - Organic Walnuts, Organic Almonds, Organic Cashews, Organic Hazelnuts and Organic Brazil Nuts! 

Please note these are 100% organic and raw! If you are used to and prefer crunchier nuts feel free to oven toast these babies to taste for that satisfying crunch! These are softer than you may be used to as they're 100% organic, please bear this in mind before purchasing. 

Please note - Our deal items such as this are excluded from any discount promotion