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All the latest reviews

Mulberries : Dried mulberries are a difficult product to find. You provide a great product and great service. Love your company

Carol, 22/01/2016

Dried Strawberries: My wife had been looking for these everywhere, so we bought a small bag to try and it arrived the next day! Not to mention how delicious they are....They taste just like strawberry jam!

Heath, 19/01/2016

Organic Sunflower Seeds: Great in my salad -- so fresh and tasty!!!!

Audrey, 12/01/2016

ABC Spread: Thank you very much! Extremely quick delivery - great products! I will be ordering from you again. Thanks again!

Lisa, 04/01/2016

Deglet Dates Pitted: Another fabulous dessert right out of the bag. Great with tea or coffee and really good for you.

Deb, 30/12/2015

Deglet Dates Pitted: Bought these before and was sorry I didn't order more. They are wonderful!

Cheryl, 18/12/2015

Deglet Dates Pitted: Wonderful dates that we eat right out of the bag!!.

Nancy, 10/12/2015

Elite Raw Mixed Nuts: Excellent source of protein and energy!

Ashley, 02/01/2016

Roasted Macadamia Nuts Salted: Been buying these nuts for so long now I feel I should have stock in the "farm". Such a good snack, as long as I limit myself to just a few haha -Gale x

Gale, 01/01/2016

Dark Chocolate Coated Coffee Beans: I honestly can't get enough of these chocolate coated coffee beans! I bought them from your stall at the Royal Melbourne Show and have been craving them ever since! I cant get over how crunchy yet soft the coffee bean is inside and how delicious it tastes with the Belgium chocolate.... LOVE!

Suzie, 00/00/0000

Cashew Butter: I'm obsessed with the amazing range of delicious nut butters you have available and can't tell you how happy I am to know that these products are 100% all natural with no added preservatives, oils or flavours. The fact that it's all made in Australia makes it just that little bit more delicious! Thanks so much Emma xx

Lisa, 01/10/2015

Strawberries and Cream: The Strawberries and Cream lollies are one of my favourites! I can't get enough of your lolly varieties and have just placed my order for Halloween, Thanks nutty people :) Ange

Angela T, 14/10/2015

Organic Psyllium Husk: Just placed my second order with you guy and love the Organic Psyllium Husk! Nice work

Steve, 00/00/0000

Flaked Almonds Thin: Thanks for my fast delivery Nuts About Life! These flaked almonds were just what I was hoping for, delicious and crunchy and perfect for my home made muesli mixes!

Connie, 26/10/2015

Toasted BBQ Corn: The BBQ corn is so addictive! It's super fresh, crunchy and has so much flavour. Definitely recommend this product - Steph

Stephanie, 28/05/2015

Mixed Fruit (Without Cherries): Thanks for my delivery Nuts About Life, this mixed fruit is great and made my puddings extra tasty!

Alexandra, 16/05/2015

Raspberries: We love these raspberry lollies! My kids and I used them to decorate our home made cookies xx

Tash, 20/05/2015

Tahini Paste: Yum this Tahini rocks!!! I love blending it together with the dates, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, linseeds and LSA that I got from you guys at www.nutsaboutlife.com.au to make some delicious protein bliss balls!

Emily, 28/05/2015

Dried Blueberries: I never thought dried blueberries would taste so much like the fresh fruit! These are AMAZING, I love putting them on my morning muesli and yoghurt xx

Jessica, 01/06/2015

Wild Figs: Slightly obsessed with these baby wild figs! I haven't been able to find them, I can't tell you how exited I was to add these to my cart! They taste as good as you describes and I will defiantly be purchasing again - R

Roula, 02/06/2015

Raw Cashews: These raw cashews are definatley delicious, they were so fresh I finished the bag!! My order arrived the next day and I have already placed my second order! Thanks Nuts About Life

Robyn, 03/06/2015

Dried Rosemary: I'm very happy with my purchase! Cute packaging and great quality products! I've already placed my second order and can't wait to receive my new goodies! Thanks nutsaboutlife.com.au

Enya, 08/04/2015

Camomile Tea: I've never had loose camomile tea before and I had to try it! I was extremely pleased when my nutsaboutlife.com.au goodie box that was delivered with my HUGE 1kg bag of camomile tea. I had to try it right away. I love the flavor - It's fresh, flavourful and smooth

Leane, 20/05/2015

Dried Mint Flakes: I was watching Masterchef last night and want to imitate the shortbread cookies topped off with a butter cream and mint frosting! Just placed my order....Let's get cooking! - Joyce

Joyce, 28/05/2015

Yellow Mustard Seeds: These yellow mustard seeds rock! My order came so quickly and I used them on the weekend to make a killer salad dressing

Noah, 04/05/2015

Pink Himalayan Crystal Sea Salt (Coarse) : Hey Nutters! I can't get over the prices...Soooo much cheaper then some of the health food stores I go to! (Love my little sample of the Pink Humalayan sea salt, that came with my order as well!) - K xx

Kiara, 01/05/2015

Dukkah: Love the Dukkah!! It's full of flavour and you get so much bang for your buck!!

Brendon, 06/05/2015

Ground Cinnamon: Hey Emma, Great chatting with you, you are an amazing help and a world of knowledge. My family and I love your online foodstore and can't get enough of the cinnamon! It's great to know that its from Indonesia, it's the only cinnamon that upholds all its nutritional values...Just ordered another 2kg!!

Jamie, 27/05/2015

Organic Raw Cacao Nibs: Hey Nuts About Life! Your website is amazing, I found you guys on Instagram and cannot stop adding things to my cart! I love these organic raw cacao nibs, I use them to make the best vegan smoothie jar :) xx

Kimberley, 28/05/2015

Yeast: Hey Emma! I cannot tell you how obsessed I am with you and your wonderful business!! Your service is fantastic and so are your products! I came across your website through a google search and cannot rave about it enough, I bought the yeast and a few other cooking ingredients to make some bread over the weekend for Easter, and everything I made with your products went down a treat!

Joyce, 07/04/2015

Chocolate Cherry Bites: I bought these initially for my kids lunchboxes, and ended up eating almost the whole bag while watching tv...Oops! I'm definitely a sweet tooth and these hit the spot.

Suzie, 09/04/2015

Turmeric: Excellent quality, and nice to be able to buy this in bulk rather than in a tiny spice jar

Kristen, 19/02/2015

Pure Peppermint Extract: Hey guys, I purchased this peppermint extract because I thought it would be interesting and add some strong flavours to the desserts I wanted to make. WOW you only need a couple of drops, I think there is a reason why its called extract and not essence, its amazing! I'm looking forward to experimenting with the other flavours you have to offer

Charlie, 24/03/2015

Teff Seeds: I have been looking for teff seeds for such a long time and connot belive I have found them in Australia! They are the new and upcoming superfood and I need to get my hands on them! Just placed my order....So excited - Lucinda

Lucinda, 08/04/2015

Rolled Oats (Regular Cut): Thank you for my order Nuts About Life! Your rolled oats rock! I used them in all my vegan biscuits and home made mueslis xxx

Kiara, 02/04/2015

Organic Coconut Oil: Hey Nuts About Life Foodies! I found you guys on Instagram and love your page, let along the products you sell and the prices!!! I saw this exact oeganic coconut oil in one of my local health food shops for nearly double the price! Wow, looking forward to my order

Wayne, 01/04/2015

Golden Linseed: I am so happy to find a business that sells certified gluten-free, organic and raw seeds, grains, flours, etc, and with so much variety! I really love the resealable bags that my food came in too. What a great family business, you guys rock! I live in the country with very limited grocery resources, and will be ordering from you on a regular basis. I've already told all my friends about you too. Keep it up!!!!

Olivia, 16/10/2014

Lecithin Granules: Thanks fir the Lecithin Granules, and the other products,. They are great! I especially want to thank you for letting have a sample of the Goji Berries! They are so tasty!! and sooooo delicious!!! The delivery was expeditious as usual. I just recommended this site to some of my friend

Glenn, 21/12/2014

Cracked Freekeh: Delicious and really quick and easy to fix. I bet my husband might even like this!

Farrah, 22/12/2014

Whole Freekeh: I made freekeh for dinner tonight. It was a huge hit at our house. Sauteed onions w/pine nuts added wilted kale and tomatoes. Seasoned with a cumin, ginger & garlic powder all from Nuts About Life. A little lemon juice and olive oil. Simple, healthy and delicious. Freekah would lend itself well to any number of recipe ideas. Breakfast, lunch or dinner. Fast delivery of product - superior quality product

Kat, 10/12/2014

Organic Quinoa Flour: Love, love, love that I started ordering my flours from you. I am always thrilled to get my shipment so I can whip up some deliciousness and see what tasty treats I can come up with. I tell everyone who asks where I get my stuff from to go to www.nutsaboutlife.com.au

Margo, 02/12/2014

Linseed Meal: LOVING my Linseed meal, it just arrived and I'm so glad. Thank you for the speedy delivery.

Emma, 19/12/2014

Pistachio Meal: I purchased the pistachio flour to make some pistachio-lime sugar cookies, and the flour that arrived was worth the couple of days' wait. The cookies turned out the first time, and they have a wonderful flavour. I recently discovered all of your gluten free offerings as well, so I will be back soon to purchase some of those items.

April, 18/11/2014

Pistachio Meal: We purchased different nut flours and love them all! I have made very delicious cookies with them already. The packaging, product and delivery are all top notch! We will definitely be ordering from nutsaboutlife.com.au again in the near future!

Gordon, 23/07/2014

Hazel Meal: Wow - taste the nutty difference in baked goods. What an incredible product to discover. I read the reviews & decided to give this a try and am I ever glad I did. I'll be ordering again. I've been making Raspberry Hazelnut Scones repeatedly per request of friends, co-workers once they tasted them. This product made all the difference. Gives them just the right texture & taste. I LOVE Nuts About Life - they offer great products, fast & friendly service

Shirley, 24/11/2014

Hazel Meal: I have ordered from you in the past, but just recently ordered again from your website. I was thrilled to see that you are now carrying all kinds of gluten free flours in addition to all your other great products - YAY!!! Also, we got our shipment in 2 days - amazing service! Thanks so much! Lilly

Lilly, 17/10/2014

Almond Meal Natural: Well the Almond Flour was a hit. My experience with Nuts About Life was wonderful as usual. The product was used for the first time in my household. So far I've baked with it and fried chicken with it. The family was fooled and that says alot since this way is healthier. Yah! Anyone who thought of trying this go for it. Was totally worth it. :)

Trish, 19/09/2014

Almond Meal Natural: Well, I got way more than I bargained for with my simple order of almonds and honey -- TERRIFIC CUSTOMER SERVICE! Oh my gosh, I love you guys! The order arrived very quickly and it was packaged with such wonderful care and whimsy. You won my heart! I'll definitely be ordering from you again!

Steve, 26/11/2014

Dill Seeds: I am so happy to find your website and all the wonderful products you carry! I was particularly glad to find dill seed in a bulk amount at a great price. Thank you so much! Oh, and we loved the clever box it came in!! --sarah

Sarah, 21/05/2014

Cous Cous: Pretty soon, I think my pantry will look a Nuts About Life distribution centre. My order just came on time as promised! Most of the bags have already been opened and tasted. So far everything is amazing, I'm cooking my cous cous tonight! I can't wait to try more of your products.

Maggie, 23/10/2014

White Chia Seeds: I just received my organic chia seeds! No more overpaying at a nationally known supermarkets for these babies! Now that I can get them shipped right to my door at a fraction of the cost for the same high-quality product, why would I do anything else? Fantastic chia, with fatty acids, omega 3s, fibre, calcium and protein are a super way to pack nutrients into my high speed lifestyle!

Georgia, 17/12/2014

White Chia Seeds: Exceptional service. I ordered on Saturday and received the order the following Tuesday. The quality was exceptional. Great product

Ed, 10/12/2014

Black Chia Seeds: I am now literally ecstatic about not only your product but my overall customer experience, but first let me say I was taking a chance on purchasing from nutsaboutlife.com.au because I Googled where I could buy chia seeds and nutsaboutlife.com.au was my choice and boy was I surprised with all the delicious choices of nuts, dried fruit, chocolates, sweets and more...my items came in 2 days and was nicely packaged. I am now nuts over Nuts About Life!

Debbie, 23/10/2014

Black Chia Seeds: I have ordered many different items from Nuts About Life and as always this order was shipped very quickly and arrived in pristine condition. Love my Chia Seeds!

Kirsty, 11/12/2014

Burghul Fine: I have ordered many different items from Nuts Online and as always this order was shipped very quickly and arrived in pristine condition. Thanks

David, 10/12/2014

Burghul Coarse: I was so happy to see burghul wheat among the different grains you sell on your site. I would also encourage anyone who has never tried the bulgar wheat to do so. I like my burghul wheat cooked with sautéed onions, mushrooms, and beef broth... Its absolutely delicious! Its so versatile too, you can make it savory or sweet. My package arrived in a timely manner and I look forward to ordering more of the great products you offer. "Im glad you are More than just nuts

Ruth, 14/08/2014

Buckwheat Flour: Dear Nuts, thank you for the great service and rapid shipping. Also, thanks for having all the hard to find items you carry like the buckwheat flour, sure saves me a lot of time. I will be ordering again soon. Have a great evening and rest of year. Margaret

Margret, 19/12/2014

Roasted Buckwheat: I recently ordered from nutsaboutlife.com.au because finding good organic/raw nuts is very difficult in my small town. My shipment arrived on time and the products were so yummy fresh! In fact, I've never tasted such a soft date before! I've been missing out for sure. I will definitely be ordering again. Thanks for the excellent products and service. Love the roasted Buckwheat kernels by the way! :)

Jules, 05/12/2014

Organic Buckwheat : My goodie box arrived just this morning, I am already making my lunch with the wonderful nuts and grains I ordered. The packaging was absolutely wonderful, it reseals which is very useful. I am already making a list for my next order. THANK YOU!! Don't change a thing!

Angela, 10/12/2014

Raw Buckwheat: I don't usually do these testimonial things, but I gotta say, you guys rock! Whether I want to indulge my chocolate addiction, my love of things crunchy and savory, or whether I'm shopping for raw nuts and seeds, or even my gluten free flours and grains, you guys seem to always have what I need; and even with shipping, I still end up paying less than going to my local natural foods co-op. I also love not having to go to store after store to get some of the harder to find items. Fabulous! Keep up the good work, guys!

Caitlin, 18/12/2014

Black Barley: Excellent price for such a high quality product. Could not find Black Barley for a recipe anywhere in my neck of the woods. Not even in the local health food store. So glad you guys came online. My items arrived in record time! I will be shopping here regularly.

Elizabeth, QLD, 02/12/2014

Kibbled Barley: Quality, price and very fast, friendly service. What more can I say...you're the BEST!! I will be a loyal customer for ever.

Sharon, 16/09/2014

Pearled Barley: The 1kg bag of raw barley was great. High quality and very refreshing!

Warren, 12/12/2014

Pearled Barley: I received my first order from nutsaboutlife.com.au yesterday and I have to join in with every other review I have read.....I couldn't be happier! Everything I ordered is quality and top notch! I got a yummy packets of the veggie chips and my husband & I were amazed at how good they taste. I've tried other veggie chips that are not even in the same league as these. I've already order 2 more bags. The pearled barley, figs, pumpkin seeds, and (oh my!) the crystallized ginger is the best I have ever tasted. Thank you for GREAT PRODUCTS and SERVICE! By the way, I received my first order yesterday, sent you another order last night and I'm already planning my next order. I am planning to eat and taste my way all through your website!

Pam, 08/12/2014

Organic Amaranth: I can't say enough great things about nutsaboutlife.com.au! Every time I order, I'm amazed at how quickly my shipment arrives, and everything I've ever ordered has been delicious and fresh. And at such reasonable prices. The customer service is outstanding as well. I feel as if I'm ordering from a family not a company. Thank you! Keep doing what you do

Oscar, VIC, 17/09/2014

Alfalfa Seeds: This is my second order from nutsaboutlife.com.au - and in every way - both orders and shipments were perfect. Quickly shipped, superb quality of ALL items! I will be a regular customer, for sure!

Savannah, 12/11/2014

Organic Pumpkin Seeds: Wow!! Thank you!! I'm so excited about my organic pepitas!!! They are delicious

Hannah, 03/12/2014

Sunflower Seeds: Such a great product, with wonderful prices. The fact that shipping happens so quickly is a bonus! I plan on ordering all of my seed/nut needs from here in the future! Thanks!

Sean, 22/12/2014

Sunflower Seeds: My husband loves these to eat by themselves or we add them to meals for protein!

Ruth, 15/12/2014

Organic Coconut Sugar: This organic coconut sugar is delish! my children and I are vegan, I make everything from scratch and I'm not one for refined sugars, so using the coconut sugar as a cane free sweetener is fantastic! Its tastes like brown sugar but nicer, healthier.... and organic! I use it in baking, smoothies, curries, you name it! I highly recommend this one! yum!

Bee, 03/12/2014

Medjool Dates: These are by far the best quality medjool dates I have ever eaten! They are so super fresh and delish! I add them to everything. Great snack for the kids when filled with homemade peanut butter made from fresh peanuts (also bought from here), and some dairy free chocolate.... VEGAN SNICKERS ANYONE?? Will be buying many many more of these dates from nuts about life. Everything I have purchased so far has been exceptional!

Bianca, 20/11/2014

Black Chia Seeds: Love all your Instagram recipe ideas using these chia seeds! Such a great superfood full over Omega 3 and 6! xx

Lucy, 02/10/2014

Organic Cacao Powder: I have been to so many health food shops around my area and have been looking for organic cacao powder to make some raw vegan slices...But it's so expensive and I can never find a bag that's big enough so I end up buying 1 or 2 packets. Finally it clicked to search for it online and I found Nuts About Life! This site is amazing, thanks so much for my quick delivery too :)

Audrina Pratt, 05/10/2014

Chocolate Drops: I don't know who enjoyed these more, my husband or my kids!

Melanie, 00/00/0000

Muscatel Clusters: Thank you so much Emma, for my quick delivery. It was so nice to speak to you and get some clarification on the Muscatel Clusters. You are right, they are incredibly gourmet, plump and delicious and were perfect for my cheese platter! Definitely ordering form nutsaboutlife.com.au again!

Harriet Bladen, 04/10/2014

Desiccated Coconut (Fine): Thanks for my delivery! The desiccated coconut was exactly what I was looking for....So cheap too! xxxx

Gemma K, 01/10/2014

Fruit Salad Mix: Thanks for my quick delivery Nuts About Life! This was one of the most freshest dried fruit salads I have ever eaten. My kids loved the combination which is fan-bloody-tastic! Keep up the good work

Sally, 03/10/2014

The 10 Commandments Paleo Blend: Thanks Emma, this paleo mix rocks! There is one quite similar in the supermarkets and its honestly double the price. All your ingredients are super fresh and delicious, I can't get enough...Just placed another order whooo

Sebastian, 06/10/2014

Pure Raspberry Extract: Wow these extrcts are amazing! You only need a tiny drop for a full hit of flavour, I love making cakes with my kids and this was just what we needed over the weekend, Thanks nutters!

Trudy, 00/00/0000

Almond Butter: Thanks for my Almond butter Nuts About Life! It's super delicious and I cant believe its 100% natural. I use it on almost everything and being a vegan its a great source of protein.

Tony, 00/00/0000

Chilli Flakes: WOW! I'm so glad I found your website, your spices are 100 x cheaper then the ones I use to buy from the supermarkets. I feel silly for paying up to $4.00 for 150g of chilli flakes, and they never lasted. I've just put in an order and cant wait to stock up my spice rack.

Tara, 06/10/2014

Organic Pumpkin Seeds: Thanks for my organic pumpkin seeds nuts about life! They were perfect for my grain and seed quinoa salad I made over the weekend!

Sophia, 01/09/2014

Organic Psyllium Husk: I stumbled across your @nutsaboutlifeaustralia Instagram page and can't get enough of all the delicious food and recipe ideas that you post! I had no idea what psyllium husk was and now I can't get enough of it! I sprinkle a little bit into my morning cereal and also put it in my protein shakes!

Emily, 02/10/2014

Organic Linseed: I use these organic linseeds in almost everything and just can't get enough of them! I look forward to receiving my order! Love the packaging by the way :) x

Lucy Mackintosh, 03/10/2014

Organic Black Chia Seeds: Wow, I have finally found organic chia! Thank you nuts about life, I have just placed my order and can't wait to sprinkle them over my morning muesli and use them in my smoothies!

Michelle, 01/10/2014

Organic Burghul: I'm so thrilled to have found this web site! I ordered my Quinoa and burghul and dried fruits & nuts on Tuesday at lunchtime and they were delivered to my door on Wednesday! Until now, I would have to drive all over town, to 3-4 different grocery & health food stores to get all of my 'clean eating' foods. Now I can order everything I need in 5 minutes and have them delivered to me the next day! How cool is that?!!!

Farrah, 24/09/2014

Organic Puffed Amaranth: I love putting the puffed amaranth into my homemade muesli mix! I got the idea off your Instagram page :) Love Isabelle

Isabelle, 03/10/2014

Organic Amaranth: I just received my order of organic amaranth and a few other grains new to me, they are great and can be used in the same way as quinoa. The order always come promptly and at a reasonable cost. I recommend them to all my friends!!

Tara, 03/10/2014

Organic Raw Hazelnuts: These organic hazelnuts are delicious and the best! I couldn't find organic raw hazelnuts anywhere in my area (nothing in Coles, nothing at Safeway), so I ended up ordering all my organic raw seeds and nuts here. They are very fresh and very tasty ( unlike the supermarkets). I love them. Thank you again.

Quinn, 29/09/2014

Organic Raw Cashews: Hey Emma, I bought some organic raw cashews at the Melbourne Show and have eaten the jar already! I've placed my next order, along with some Chia seeds and natural muesli and cant wait to recieve my delivery!

Amanda Papas, 01/10/2014

Organic Raw Brazil Nuts: First time ordering the raw, organic Brazil nuts, and very pleased with both the taste, and the appearance of the product. The organic, medjool dates are delicious and just the thing to satisfy the craving of the 'sweet tooth'. Thanks

Bethany, 23/09/2014

The 10 Commandments Paleo Blend: Love everything I've ordered from nutsaboutlife.com.au, especially the paleo mix, organic honey, raw mixed nuts. Customer service and the care put into every package are also commendable

George, 22/09/2014

Organic Coconut Sugar: Delicious. Never heard of this product before until a co-worker of mine suggested it to me when I said I wanted to get away from artificial sweeteners. Very pleased with this purchase

Megan, 11/09/2014

Organic Tahini Paste: Hey Emma! I love all your Instagram posts and bought this organic tahini paste to put on my morning cereal and to make granola bars over the weekend! I'm looking forward to trying it, Scarlett xx

Scarlett, 01/10/2014

Organic Desiccated Coconut (Fine): Whoa! This is my new favorite website! My order was shipped the next day, the packaging is great too. The organic fine coconut is now my new favorite thing! It is so much better than any other organic coconut I have ever bought. I will be back for more from this site, and I will tell everyone how much I love it. Can't wait to make my coconut bliss balls!

Paul, 17/09/2014

Organic Shredded Coconut: This is the freshest organic shredded coconut I have ever had. It's so hard to find as well and I am so glad I found you!

Irene, 08/09/2014

Organic Shredded Coconut: I will be getting all of my superfood needs through nutsaboutlife.com.au from now on. The packaging is perfect, shipping quick and the quality of product surpassed my initial expectations. Thank you!!!!

Stephanie Taylor, 22/08/2014

Organic Sultanas: As usual, you guys totally rock. The organic dried cranberries, mango and sultanas are super yummy. You make it easy to eat mostly organic and healthy. BEST of all, you also sell your organics at a price that we can afford. Doctors tell patients to 'eat healthy, eat organic' and that is all good and fine for someone on a doctor's salary! But when you are a single income family with a very limited grocery budget, finding organics at a reasonable price like you have here at nutsaboutlife.com.au is a blessing - thank you

Gail Scott, 20/06/2014

Organic Mango Strips: Nuts About Life is my new favorite website!! Everything I ordered was fresh and delicious. I will be telling all my friends and family about this website, thanks for such a fast delivery

Simone Henderson, 24/09/2014

Organic Mango Strips: I discovered you guys on a whim and boy am I so glad I did!! My order came in the mail so quickly and everything I ordered was delicious and fresh! I love the organic mango strips they are such a great healthy snack!

Britt W, 18/09/2014