Sweet Potato and Chopped Hazelnut Toast

Sometimes you wanna feel a little bit fancy when you’re making breakfast at home and this sweet potato toast is certainly the way to go! 
It’s perfect for a lazy Sunday morning and only requires a few simple ingredients!
Topping it with our Nuts About Life Chopped Roasted Hazelnuts takes this recipe by The Nourished Chef to the next level!

Vegan │ Gluten Free │ Dairy Free │ Low Carb

- 1 Large Sweet Potato
- 1 Avocado
- Juice of ½ - 1 Fresh Lime
- Sprinkled Sea Salt 

- Handful of Fresh Pomegranate Seeds
- ¼ Cup Chopped Roasted Hazelnuts 

1. Slice the ends of the sweet potato lengthways off. (You have now created a base for your “toast slices” of sweet potato without the rocky bottom).
2. Prop the sweet potato on the flat side you created and slice each into ‘toast slices’ about ½ - 1 centimetre in thickness.
3. Pop the sweet potato slices in the toaster and toast until tender. This may take a few times, depending on your toaster.
4. While the sweet potato slices toast, add the avocado to a small bowl and use the back of a fork to mash. Add the lime juice and sea salt (to taste).
5. Slather each sweet potato slice with the mashed avocado. Top with the pomegranate seeds and crushed hazelnuts.