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We think it's time for all food lovers and fitness fanatics to come together and get excited about our yummy and delicious, healthy food ranges. We want to be the best online wholefood store in the world, one that is big on health and quality and never compromises taste! One that understands what the body needs and wants, and that makes you feel good and ready to take on anything! Read More

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Organic Raw Hazelnuts: These organic hazelnuts are delicious and the best! I couldn't find organic raw hazelnuts anywhere in my area (nothing in Coles, nothing at Safeway), so I ended up ordering all my organic raw seeds and nuts here. They are very fresh and very tasty ( unlike the supermarkets). I love them. Thank you again.

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We here at Nuts About Life! Are absolutely nuts about nuts and strive to be the best online health food store going around Australia! Giving our Aussie customers the ability to buy nuts online at low prices without compromising on their taste, gaining access to a range of delicious foods, including Almonds , Brazil Nuts , Cashews , Hazelnuts , Macadamias , Mixed Nuts , Peanuts , Pecans , Pinenuts , Pistachios , Walnuts ! Although, we love supplying our customers with nuts online we also offer and take pride in selling top quality chocolates and sweets, dried fruits, herbs and spices online, superfoods and organic food online too!