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All about "Walnuts"

The Walnut is one of Australia’s most popular nuts, not only do they taste delicious but they contain many vitamins and minerals that are fantastic for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Sourcing energy from these tasty nuts is no issue, as not only do they resemble the look of a brain but are also in fact one of the most nutritious nuts, that feed the brain tremendously! Gee-whiz!

Packed with essential vitamins and minerals, that are great for maintaining a healthy lifestyle there is no denying how good these nuts are for you.

Walnuts taste absolutely delicious when they are combined into sweet desserts and baked goods such as cakes, breads, tarts and muffins, making them one of Australia’s favorite nuts in the kitchen.

Walnuts are also a fantastic addition to an array of salad combinations, trail mixes, muesli mixes and nut bars and are also a great addition to yummy fruit smoothies.

However way you like to incorporate Walnuts into your diet, we are sure they will be absolutely delicious!