Attention Nuts About Life Family: 

We have a very special offer - Almond Variations are now $12/kg 

Available until sold out, 

Country of origin - AUSTRALIA

Almond Meal Blanch- Now just $12/kg!

Almond Meal Natural - Now just $12/kg!

Blanched Whole Almonds Now just $12/kg!

Slivered Almonds Now just $12/kg!

Raw Almonds Now just $12/kg!

Almond Flaked Thin Now just $12/kg!

PLEASE NOTE: Stock up now these are available in strictly limited quantities and as part of our 'Deal Corner' collection, are excluded from ALL promotions and discounts!


Customer Reviews

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Bargain of the year -or- I’m nuts about Nuts About Life

I bought several different nuts from Nuts About Life and all have been wonderful but I couldn’t believe how many flaked almonds made up a kilo. I shared these with a friend and both my daughters and still had plenty for my own use … and they were really great. Thankyou

Elio & Desimone

Almond Flaked Thin $12/kg SPECIAL

Tracy Lynn
Great product for a great price

For a paleo nut granola, which is what I primarily use this for, it is a great product. Value for money is very good!

Caroline Tyler
Flaked Armands 1 kg

Beautifully fresh

Michelle Lee
Best value for money

I got the 1 kg bag almond flakes. The quality is great but comes at half the price of what I usually pay at supermarkets or health food stores! I go through a lot of these for baking so it's a great saving.

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