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Activated Almonds

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Almonds provide 28 essential nutrients, high amounts of fiber, and per serving, only 2.5 Grams of digestible Carbohydrates. The almond tree’s seeds provide antioxidants moreover protect your cells from oxidative damage, a significant contributor to aging and disease and lower your hunger due to numerous essential proteins and healthy omega fat-acids. To ‘activate,’ or sprout, our almonds, we gently soak them in filtered water overnight, which improves their bio-availability and digestibility. After releasing the nuts’ enzyme inhibitors, we rinse our activated almonds in ozonated, fresh water, followed by long dehydration below 46 degrees to ensure no enzymes get lost. The result of our multi-day process is a light, crunchy, just better nut. Have yourself a try, not only of Australian highest quality but moreover of our fast delivery and friendly service.

Ingredients: Natural Almonds, Himalayan Pink Sea Salt
Country of Origin: Australia

Our delicious Raw Activated Almonds are processed and packed by our Nutty Team, right here in Melbourne, Australia

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