These mouth watering chocolate-coated caramel treats are absolutely heavenly and are the perfect snack to quench any sugar craving.
They can easily be enjoyed on their own and taste great when combined into a delicious lolly bag, gift basket or hamper and are great for lolly buffets and sharing with friends.


Customer Reviews

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Mark Oliver
I ordered caramels and got a caramel flavoured fudge type filling

No what I expected so will be discarded

Sarah Medland
Not a fan of these ones

I didn't like there caramels at all. Tasted funny to me

Jennifer Campton
IChoclate caramels

They are the best I have ever tasted, and at 80 years I have had a few different varieties , It won't be long before I get more.

Not hard enough

I was dearly hoping they would be hard chewy caramels (think texture of sadly discontinued pascal columbines).
However the flavor is nice and the choc covering is nice. If only they were the right texture. Hence only 3 stars.
Overall, we're enjoying the rest of assortment of sweet goodies purchased.
Very happy all choc covering was decent and not awful chalky cheapo stuff ;)

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