Our Dry Roasted Almonds are no ordinary nuts. They’re darker, crunchier, and so much tastier! At Nuts About Life, we dry-roast our Almonds to create the mouth-watering, nutty flavour that our customers know and love. Packed with protein, calcium and Vitamin E, they are bursting with antioxidants and boast extraordinary health benefits. The incredible nutty taste, nutritional value and versatility of our Dry Roasted Almonds make them one of Australia’s most loved nuts. Toss them into salads or eat them as a snack! The possibilities are endless with our delicious, 100% Australian grown Dry Roasted Almonds. Shop our delicious range today!

Ingredients: Dry Roasted Almonds 
Country of Origin: Australia 


Customer Reviews

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Nice nuts

This supply of dry roast almonds are a bit smaller in size and there are a few dryed up ones but l guess this might be due to the last growing season in Australia.

Nuts to us

The nuts were fresh, crisp and delicious.


Dry Roasted Almonds

Addictive and healthy

The roasted almonds are so good. I eat them with organic sultanas for a super taste hit that is satisfying and healthy.

Super tasty, guilt free snacks

I bought 4kg of these lately and after tasting them am very glad I did! The roasting really brings out the almonds flavour and elevates them for any uses you might have - personally I like to eat with some other dried fruit like apricots, dates, sultanas and maybe a nice fresh apple etc. I saw an article which said that almonds are the best value-super food of the nut world - as in there are a few nuts that are superior nutritionally but they tend to cost a lot more. And I'm sure they don't taste nearly as good as these! The almonds themselves are very good quality, great taste and nutrition - whats not to like about these!

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