Organic Adzuki beans are one of our favourites, and for good reason!
Bursting with protein, iron, and fiber makes these bad boys a vegan and vegetarian favourite.

Once soaked, and cooked you can easily enjoy them in a number of dishes. Make your own veggie burgers by combining adzuki beans into patties for a wholesome vegan option.

Our delicious Organic Adzuki Beans are processed and packed by our Nutty Team, right here in Melbourne, Australia


Customer Reviews

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Lucy L
Great value and taste

Easy to soak and cook, nutty in flavour and a great texture. Have made delicious sweet treats and savoury soups and stews, such a nutritious way to a add blood-building and tonifying gem to meals and snacks. Thank you!

M Clark

Organic Adzuki Beans

Great to add to any recipie

I've been adding Adzuki beans to curries and lentil 'meat loaf' to broaden the flavour. They work really well in a ChickPea/Cauliflower curry adding a nutty note - my family are loving these. So if your vegie/vegan meal is a little boring with just lentis or chickpeas these will make it work!

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