Our Raw Diced Macadamia Nuts are incredibly delicious. Their unique, creamy taste is incomparable to any other nuts in this world! With a firm, crisp texture, a delicious creamy flavour, and a subtle, fresh aroma, these Australian native superfoods are a nut lovers’ delight! Raw Macadamias are loaded with antioxidants, fibre and heart-healthy monounsaturated fats which are essential for optimal heart health and general wellbeing.

They make an excellent addition to sweet and savoury recipes, raw food treats and home-baked goods. Perfect for snacking on-the-go, our delicious Macadamias are grown and naturally processed in Australia. Try our delicious Raw Diced Macadamias today!

Our delicious Raw Diced Macadamia Nuts are processed and packed by our Nutty Team, right here in Melbourne, Australia.


Customer Reviews

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John Chesworth
Yea happy with service of good quality foods


Jane C
Raw diced macadamias not quite fresh?

All the other things I purchased were top notch, but I was a bit disappointed with the macadamias. They didn’t taste as fresh as I would have liked. Only mentioning this seeing as you asked….

Russell Hammond

Thank you

Hayley McArthur-Snudden

Raw Diced Macadamias

Eileen Burnus
Raw diced macadamias.

Very fresh and tasty!

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