Our delicious roasted hazelnuts have been dry roasted to perfection, with no added oils used throughout the roasting process, makes these bad boys a taste sensation!

Ingredient: Roasted Hazelnuts
Country of Origin: Turkey 

Our delicious Roasted Unsalted Hazelnuts are processed and packed by our Nutty Team, right here in Melbourne, Australia.


Customer Reviews

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John Leeks
bought roasted hazelnuts

These were very good and lightly roasted...I like their taste...The delivery was really quite good given all the supposed delays . I am a regular purchaser from this company and overall very good. Occasionally the Macadamia Nuts are not as fresh as the other items they sell buy overall very good .

Peter Goodger
Hazelnuts are the Best

There is no doubt the nuts sold by Nuts about Life are all so fresh and crunchy. Keep up the good work and the quality and you will hear more from me for my future nuts orders.

Siobhan Ferguson
Fresh and tasty!

Good quality hazelnuts are hard to come by in my experience. Nuts About Life’s supply is excellent. They are large and freshly roasted. Excellent value as well.

Louisa Pollino
Great products

Excellent range and quality!

Dunno what all the rage is about

TL;DR: These are bred for size/yield, not flavour. Other (smaller) hazelnuts might cost more but the taste is worth it.

I could scarcely tell these were roasted. They weren't crisp enough to give that satisfying, gentle, dry crunch when bitten; they still 'squashed' a bit, still had the slight chew of raw hazelnuts. I gave them another roast for 20 minutes at 170c after receiving them (haven't had to do this with the ones I get locally) and found the texture and flavour much more to my liking (and no, I don't like them burned, they had scarcely changed colour when they were done).
Furthermore, I tried them before, half way through and after the roast, and at no point did they have more than a hint of that moreish hazelnut sweetness, which isn't the case for the ones that comes from the shops. Perhaps it's no surprise given they're so much bigger than most hazelnuts - crops that are bred for size/yield often lose flavour along the way, which a quick search online will tell you has happened with strawberries and tomatoes already to name two. It's a shame, really.
Given the price, it's not a terrible deal, but I'd still rather get the nicer ones from down the road, even if it's a fair walk and almost 30% more costly. Silly old me, though - I assumed from the reviews they were just like any decent hazelnuts and ordered 2kg.

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